Custom Offer Fallback For Individual Publisher

Although we already have 'Global Fallback offer' module and 'Custom Offer Fallback for Individual Offers' module  , using which any traffic going to inactive/Paused/Deleted Offers will be redirected the the global Fallback offer ID. But some account managers want to specify fallback offers for individual publishers, for which they can activate this module

When you activate this module, a new option will appear in at Publisher Interface:

Publisher/Affiliate Details Interface 

Navigation Menu -> Users-> Publishers-> Open any Publisher Details Interface

URL link:

Screenshot of New Option:


If this publisher send traffic to any offer which is not active then the traffic will be redirected to this Fallback offer ID.

In other words,  you can choose which offer to redirect traffic if the current publisher sent traffic to any offer that is paused or capped or not active for any reason.

Please note that this will override Network Global Fallback Offer Also Individual Offer Fallback Offer ID.

Dated : 2021-06-19 23:17:02

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