How To Add Custom Domains To Your Ad Network

When we create your GreenBookLabs CPA Ad Platform Account . By default we will setup your account on some Temporary Domains like :

Network Panel Domain :

(Network panel also knows as Staff Panel, is for you and your staff to create and manager publishers, advertisers, offers, check reports etc.)

Publisher Panel Domain :

(Publisher panel also knows as Affiliate Panel, is for your Publishers/Affiliates, where they will login and get their offers tracking links , check their reports etc.)

Tracking Domain :

(Tracking Domain is - as the name suggest is for your Offer's tracking link for your affiliates.)

Its recommended that you create and use your own Domains/Subdomains and discard these temporary subdomains . Also if you wish to use HTTPS domains instead of HTTP, which is recommended, then you might want to route your Domains through and utilize their FREE SSL certificates as our system fully supports it.

We can also install SSL on our servers itself but for that we charge $5 per month for each subdomain. as we have to install these certificates on each of our several load balancer servers manually and maintain it every 2-3 month to renew them. So why pay for it when u can get them for free using cloudflare ? so please do everyone this favour and use clouflare :)

For example: Let say your Organization website is so you might want to create your :

Network Panel Domain as :

Publisher Panel Domain as :

Tracking domain as : or completely different domain name like :

It Is recommended to use a completely different domain name for your tracking link because if your publishers start abusing your affiliate tracking link with massive spam then google might blacklist your domain. so its suggested that you use different domains for your tracking links as soon as you can afford it.

After all in our system you can have multiple domains for Network panel, publisher panel and tracking domain. so feel free to use it well.

Steps to setup your own Subdomains :

After you have decided your Subdomains , Create those subdomains DNS records in your domain registrar domain settings on in cloudflare DNS settings (if you are suing cloudlfare)

Please note that :

Both your Network Panel subdomain and Publisher Panel Subdomain Must be point to "" as CNAME record

And your Tracking domain.Subdomain must be pointed to "" as CNAME Record

After verifying that the DNS propagation is done (which might take upto half hour depending on your domain registrar) you have to add these Domains in your "Domain Settings" page as 'Primary Domains' and edit the existing temporary Domains as 'Secondary'

Please note that Its very important to change the previous Temporary domains to 'secondary' Type. You may also disable those temporary domains if you wish by changing their status to 'inactive'.

Also when you are adding your custom Domains. choose the Scheme Type as 'HTTP' not 'HTTPS' . You should only choose HTTPS when you are sure that SSL certificates are working properly.

TO go to "Domains Settings" page Left Sidebar ->Settings -> Domains

or just visit page :

Please note that in your Domains page each Domain should have only one 'Primary' Domain for each domain Type. Otherwise you might run in some trouble sooner or later. i.e.

Only One Primary Domain for 'network' Type

Only One Primary Domain for 'publisher' Type

Only One Primary Domains for 'track' Type

You can change all other domains as 'secondary' Type. you may add several domain if you want.

Have a look at this Screenshot :

In Our Demo Account's "Domain Settings page" you can see we have 8 Domains :

In above screenshot we have 3 Network Domains -but only one primary Domain

  1. (Primary Domain)
  2. (Secondary Domain)
  3. (Secondary Domain) . Ignore this one as this is just our Local Testing Domain on our local Machine - you wont be able to access this domain

you can open the network panel using both primary and secondary panel .

In the above screenshot we have 2 Tracking Domains - But only one primary Domain

  1. (primary Tracking Domain)
  2. - (Secondary Tracking Domain) . Ignore this one as this is just our Local Testing Domain on our local Machine - you wont be able to access this domain

Again, as there are two tracking domains both will work , but when any publisher login to their panel and try to get any offer's tracking link(affiliate Link) they will get the tracking link with you Primary tracking domain. unless you specifically set the offer to use any secondary domain (more about this later)

In above screenshot we have 3 Publisher Domains - but only one primary Domain

  1. (Primary Domain)
  2. (Secondary Domain)
  3. (Secondary Domain)
Again, your publisher can open theirpanel using both the domains.

If you ask me why do you need multiple Network panel and Publisher domain then my answer is "you dont really need it " This Feature is only useful when you want to change their network branding but keep the database same they use this feature.

Dated : 2021-04-13 22:49:48

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