How To Check Api Logs

All Request in our platform happens through an api, even when you visit any page in your browser it makes an api call at backend.

In the API Logs page you can see everything happening in all your system account.

All though it might be little complicated for everyone to understand the data displayed in the api logs but in case you run into any kind of unexpected problem this page will help us determine the cause .

All Api calls are made using API tokens. There are two kind of API tokens:

1)Temporary API token that gets created when you login to the panel

2)Permanent API Token that you create manually using the 'API Token' page.(for this you need to activate the module 'API Token')

In the API Logs page both type of API Calls are tracking. In short nothing goes on the platfrom that is not being tracked.


Dated : 2021-06-20 01:02:32

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