Module - Ad System - Auto Sync Offers With Advertiser API

Automatic Sync Offers from Advertiser's API

If you need to pull/fetch all offers from your advertiser's api automatically and keep them synced then this module is for you.

When you activate this module, a new option will show up in 'Ad system settings' Page and a new option  in advertiser interface .

1) Ad System Settings page

Navigation Menu -> Settings-> Ad System Settings

URL link:

Screenshot of New Option:


Please note that this option 'Enable Advertiser/offer API Synchronization' is the global level setting. if this is set as 'inactive' then the background process of fetching/syncing offer will not work'

2) Advertiser Details Interface 

Navigation Menu -> Users-> Advertiser-> Open any Advertiser Details Interface

URL link:

Screenshot of New Option: 


As shown in the above screenshot, a new option ' Advertiser API Template' will appear. You can select the advertiser name/Platform Name from the list. if the Advertiser/Platform you want to connect with is not in the list then you can open a ticket and we will add it as soon as possible.

When you choose any advertiser/Platform api template from the list then many other options will appear depending on what options are available for that particular advertiser's api.

Example. If we choose 'Affise' then the interface will change like this :


Please note that , as soon as i chose 'affise' the Tracking parameters got automatically updated with 'ref_id' and 'sub1' which are the tracking parameters of affise.

Next. look at the option 'API Auto Syncronization' . only if you enable this option then the offers will be pulled automatically from their api. If you wish to pull/fetch the offers only 1 times then keep this option to 'inactive'

Next, Fill in your API credentials . 

Next, You can customize how all the new offers will be stored in the system. we will discuss more about all these options in another detailed tutorial.

After you have filled all the required credentials , save it

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