Module - Affiliate Postbacks For Approved Conversions

This module add functionality to send postbacks to publishers upon approved conversions.

Please not that this module will only send postbacks for the conversion which are approved. it will not send postback for other status like 'pending' or 'declined'

If you wish to send 'pending' and 'declined' postbacks then activate corresponding module 'Affiliate postbacks for Pending & Declined conversion '

Upon Activating this module. The following options will appear : 

1)In Network Panel : Publisher/Affiliate Details Interface 

Network Panel Navigation Menu -> Users-> Publishers-> Open any Publisher Details Interface

URL link:

Screenshot of New Option:


Using this option Account managers can edit any publisher's Postback URL. 

2) In Publisher Account Panel , a new page will Appear 'PostBack settings' page

Publisher Panel Navigation Menu -> Settings-> 'PostBack settings

URL link:

Screenshot of new page:


Using this option. Any publisher can edit their own postback URL

The following parameters/ Macros are supported for publisher Postback:

Postback macros/Parameters Explained :

sub1Macro for sending your 1st Variable example : ClickId / TransactionID
sub2Macro for sending your 2nd Variable example : PubId / Source
sub3Macro for sending your 3rd Variable
sub4Macro for sending your 4th Variable
droididMacro for sending androidID
gaidMacro for sending Google Advertising ID
idfaMacro for sending your Iphone ID
payoutMacro for sending payout value
geoMacro for sending Conuntry
statusMacro for sending conversion Status
offeridMacro for sending offerid
deviceMacro for sending Device
browserMacro for sending Browser
osMacro for sending OS
clickidMacro for our system Transaction ID
conversiontimeMacro for conversion Time
conversiontimeunixMacro for sending conversion Time in UnixTimestamp
connectionMacro for sending Connection Type
carrierMacro for sending Mobile Carrier
reasonReason of conversion status chagne is any

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