Module - Affiliate Postbacks For Pending & Declined Conversion

This module add functionality to send postbacks to publishers for pending and declined conversions.

Please note that , Before activating this module you must activate the 'Affiliate Postbacks For Approved Conversions' Module.

Upon Activating this module. The following options will appear at the following Pages/Interfacecs: 

1) Ad System Settings page

Navigation Menu -> Settings-> Ad System Settings

URL link:

Screenshot of New Option:


Please note that these are the GLOBAL level settings. These can be overridden with individual publisher level settings.

2)In Network Panel : Publisher/Affiliate Details Interface 

Network Panel Navigation Menu -> Users-> Publishers-> Open any Publisher Details Interface

URL link:

Screenshot of New Option:

Using this option Account managers can edit any publisher's Postback settings . 


3) In Publisher Account Panel , a new option will Appear in 'PostBack settings' page

Publisher Panel Navigation Menu -> Settings-> 'PostBack settings

URL link:

Screenshot of new option:


Using this option. Any publisher can edit their own postback settings  if they require postback settings for declined and pending conversions or not.

Please note that. priority will be given to the individual publisher level setting instead of the Global Level Settings.

For declined PostBack the 'status' parameter value will be sent as '3' and for declined conversion the 'status' parameter value will be sent as '2' .  the publisher postbacks must support 'status' parameter

Please note that mby default we keep these settings as 'inactive' as most publisher do not have a system to support declined/pending Postbacks. they will just consider each postbacks as approved so be careful while using these options .and aonnly activate it for publishers who can handle suck postbacks.

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