Module - Change Default Conversion Status

By default all conversion status become 'approved' automatically. if you want to make the conversions go to Hold/Pending state by default then you can activate this option.

This option will show up in Module Settings page ,Advertiser page, Offer Page , Publisher Page

This settings works at four levels -

1) Network Setting Level (Module Setting Page)

2) Advertiser Level

3) Offer Level

4) Publisher Level

Each level overrides the previous level. in the below order

Network Level

Available Options :

1)Default (use the previous level Setting)

2)Convert (Approve conversion)

3)Hold/pending (Hold conversion)

Example :

Lets say you want all conversion becomes approved by default but for some specific publishers you want to it go to pending state. to achieve this :

at the network level (module setting page ) keep this to 'convert' and in the publisher's setting change this setting to 'hold'

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