Module - Offer System - Extended Settings

When you activate this module. several new options will appear at Offer Detail Interface regarding offer details :

Navigation Menu -> Offers-> Open Any Offer Add/Edit Interface 

URL link:

Screenshot of New Options:


It also a new Sub Section : "CPI Offer Settings"


The following options will be added:

  • Kpi Details 
  • Traffic Guidelines 

For CPI Offers -

  • Is Mobile Store Offer - Yes / No
  • Is Android Store offer - Yes / No
  • Is IOS Store Offer  - Yes / No
  • Application Name
  • Application Package Name
  • Application Package Size
  • Minimum OS Version etc

For Incentive Offers (can be used in content lockers) -

  • Short Title  
  • Short Description to be used in content locker

If need any more offer related inputs please feel free to ask platform support.

Dated : 2021-06-20 03:03:03

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