Module - Offer System - Offer Cap Limit

This module will activate 'Offer Caps" system .

When you activate this module. A new options will appear at Offer Detail Interface

Navigation Menu -> Offers-> Open Any Offer Add/Edit Interface 

URL link:

Screenshot of New Options:


As shown in the above screenshot there are three Capping period:





'Total Conversion Limit; should be an integer value example 100

How Offer CAP System Works:

Whenever offer cap limit is reached for the specified period of time the offer will get automatically paused and the offer will automatically reset to 'active' when the time period resets.

But please note that ,in order for the caps system to work please make sure that 'Caps Reset TimeZone' is properly set otherwise you will keep getting confused why the offer is getting capped at unknown time.

Also when the offer get paused the traffic will be redirected to to Fallback offer  so make sure that you have setup Fallback offers.

Please feel free to ask Platfrom support if you face any difficulty with Caps resets.

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